Aspects of art and music

Aspects of art and music
December 27, 2020 Comments Off on Aspects of art and music Music Arts Briana Bernard

Art and music are often juxtaposed in some aspects. The art is spatial, the music in terms of time is probably a classic. The emotional aspects of music and the superficial aspects of art are clichés that you don’t have to accept, as is the separation between process-oriented music and product-oriented art. However, teachers have to accept and deal with the fact that their students come to class with these expectations of art and music.

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Inside view and outside view

Of course, art, especially pictures of children, finds it easier to show things from the outside. However, there were currents such as Cubism or Expressionism that tried to break this through. The inner, the emotional, is also of great importance in art therapy approaches.

Music, on the other hand, always seems to be emotional. It expresses the deepest feelings of humanity. Music can also serve to represent externals.

Space and time

Time-oriented art: Handicrafts made from plants disappear, ice melts and art can now also take place with simple means in film and video. Well-known art that works with impermanence are, for example, the stumbling blocks to commemorate the expulsion and extermination of Jews and other groups under National Socialism. Similar to old grave slabs, these are sanded down over time.

Process and product orientation

In music education, process-oriented work is of great importance. Only in rare cases – for example in performances – is working with small children about a finished product, more often experience and the path to the idea and implementation are the focus. Art is often about something else. You see painters as artistic geniuses who show impressive pictures at their exhibitions and this is also the ideal for children: To have a great picture ready and to be able to present it. If painting is to be process-oriented, then this requires special preparation and follow-up. The process can be brought to the fore, for example, by talking about feelings while painting, painting with the whole body, or by documenting the creation process of a work of art and exhibiting it.

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