Choosing the Right Cover Songs for Your TubeVideo

Choosing the Right Cover Songs for Your TubeVideo
November 26, 2019 Comments Off on Choosing the Right Cover Songs for Your TubeVideo Music Lindy Tahnee

Singing cover songs to showcase your singing talent via the YouTube platform has become one of the most effective ways of giving one’s music career a jumpstart. If you are a songwriter but still have not discovered the type or demographics of the audience who will respond positively to your original songs, singing cover songs similar to your original compositions is one good way to discover who and from where your audience will come.

Actually, cover songs have been around at the very onset of the music recording business. During the mid-50s, many of Elvis Presley’s fans mistook “Blue Suede Shoes” as an original song composed for The King. Yet at that time, the song was already a “rockabilly” hit of blues singer Carl Lee Perkins even before Elvis sang the song in his public appearances. Sometime in the early nineties, Whitney Houston’s versions of “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton and “The Greatest Love of All” by George Benson, catapulted the former model to stardom.

A contemporary example is young Canadian, Shawn Mendes, one of the newest YouTube sensations who landed a contract with the music industry. Shawn recorded an assortment of cover songs in his bedroom, which he first shared via the Vine video social sharing app. His natural singing style and his adorable youthfulness captured the adoration of teenage girls, all eager to follow him when he started sharing his cover recordings in the YouTube platform.

Some Tips to Consider When Choosing Cover Songs to Record

Having a good, if not exceptional singing voice is already a given if you are someone who is planning to embark on a singing career by starting out as a YouTube performer. The quality of your voice is important, but there are millions out there who can also sing — still struggling to get recognized as the new YouTube singing icon. There is actually more to creating and publishing a video content and it starts with choosing the right cover song.

First off, a singing voice can become exceptionally good by way of songs that will enhance and emphasize the voice’s tonal quality. Choosing songs based on your vocal range should be your first criteria. It may not be a current Billboard top hit, but it matters that it is the right fit for your singing voice.

Also, choose cover songs for a particular type of audience as this is one way of giving direction to where your YouTube cover video will become visible and appreciated. Once you have decided on one, you can select songs from their top favorites, past and present.

Another thing that can help you stand out as a cover song performer is to give the piece a different treatment. Choose cover songs therefore that allow you to be creative so you can give the lyrical music piece a new rendition. If you are a guitar or piano master or any musical instrument, choose songs that can also demonstrate your playing skills so you can use it well in transforming a cover song into your own rendition. Remember, uniqueness is always a content driver, especially in a market that has been saturated with similar contents.

One great thing about using the YouTube platform is that there are analytical tools that can help you determine the type of audience and the kind of content that your channel has been drawing as viewers. That way you can organize and develop cover songs with a more deliberate approach.

If despite all your efforts, you are still struggling to get your cover music videos in front of the search pages, you can opt to buy youtube views just to boost your channel’s appearance in the world wide web. Just make sure you are buying from reputable sources who provide legit-followers who have been geo-targeted to support your type of audience.

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