Connection of Music & Fashion Shirts

Connection of Music & Fashion Shirts
February 19, 2022 Comments Off on Connection of Music & Fashion Shirts Music Arts Briana Bernard

Music and fashion are connected on several levels. One influences the other and vice versa, in never-ending reversals. Did you know that big fashion trends were born because of music? In which, certain fashion shirts trends have influenced the way artists write music?

Is fashion shirts so important to music?

Well, it actually is whether you like it or not. It has been important since long before the MTV revolution. As Jon Batiste once said, “People see you before they hear you and when they look at you it has to sound like something. Having a strong image can help a musician or band stand out from their peers, convey a specific message that fits the musical performance.

Legendary artists are associated with a distinctive and quite unique “image” that helped make them recognizable to everyone.

On the other hand, as a music listener, you are naturally inclined to dress a certain way to fit the scene you want to belong to. You have the desire to blend in with other individuals who share the same tastes and interests as you.

Rock ‘n’ roll was born and the “bobby soxer”, American teenage girls obsessed with male singers such as Frank Sinatra, began to adopt their style. Ankle socks, rolled-up jeans, hair bands, baggy sweaters, poodle skirts, and elements borrowed from the French fashion of the time.

Music and fashion shirts: 2000 today


Something strange has happened in the last 20 years and it doesn’t involve the connection between music and fashion. It’s still there and pop stars like Katie Perry still wear the latest designer clothes or hip-hop stars like P. Diddy have their own fashion labels right away. In his case, it’s called Sean John.

But the great leaps in the development of the past decades are now over. There was no longer a piece of major new music or fashion movement.

The magic words here are digitization and the internet. The fashion world is struggling with very similar things. How is a completely new style supposed to prevail when, thanks to digitization, everything is always directly accessible? You can now buy narrow ties from the 60s, flared pants from the 70s, tennis socks from the 80s and baggy sweaters from the 90s in one day, often even in the same store. New collections appear every year, but somehow everything seems familiar.

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