Creative, art & music therapy

Creative, art & music therapy
January 1, 2021 Comments Off on Creative, art & music therapy Music Arts Briana Bernard

Art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy and theater therapy are typical representatives of creative therapy.

Dance, music and art are very special ways to communicate something. Although artistic, each of us is able to express ourselves through movement and dance, through rhythm and music, or through painting and design.

Through dance, music and art you can learn a lot about yourself at the same time because you unconsciously express your emotional state through posture, facial expressions and gestures. If you can express your feelings and learn to look at yourself from a new, different perspective, you will overcome inhibitions. You will be able to develop completely new perspectives. Always with the aim of being able to better control, assess and regulate yourself and your own emotions. Here you get to know each other better and sometimes discover new talents, resources and project spiritual.

Dance therapy

In dance therapy, you get to know the therapeutic effects of dance and build a connection to the impulses of your body. You can experience different dance styles and different rhythms and thus get moving alone, with a partner or in a group. Dance therapy enables participants to allow closeness and contact in a protected and informal setting.

Music therapy

In music therapy, you can discover or develop your musical vein by making music with different instruments or your own voice. Music can lift you up. Different sounds can have a calming or vitalizing effect.

These artistic forms of therapy can be perceived alone or in a group. There is no restriction to certain disorders, all patients can benefit from these therapies.

Art therapy

In art therapy, mentally ill people can learn to express themselves and their feelings and desires. You get to know yourself and your own limits better and discover new resources and talents. The free design allows you to assess and regulate your own feelings over time. By painting, drawing or designing, the sensory perception, even body perception, is improved.

Art therapy is suitable for everyone. You don’t have to be a talented artist to do this. After a while you will notice that it is not about performance, but about bringing your own feelings and experiences into the picture and being able to look at them together without judgment.

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