Goals of music and art therapy

Goals of music and art therapy
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Music and art therapy have established themselves as independent treatment methods for mental disorders. The methods of designing and making music promote inner perception, open access routes, and enable forms of expression to come into contact with oneself and the environment without having to speak. Both forms of therapy are offered in individual and group sessions. It is also good to know some healthy diet and meals in Vektguiden site before going to music and art therapy.

Music therapy

Music therapy works primarily with the non-lingual medium of music. Feelings that are difficult to put into words can be expressed in active music-making and behaviors can be reflected in the music. In this way, the interpersonal exchange is promoted and emotions or behaviors can be explored, understood, and processed.

A wide range of instruments is available such as vibraphone, a variety of small exotic instruments, piano, drums, string instruments, and marimba. The music therapy lessons happen as individual sessions or in themed or fixed themed groups. Furthermore, there is the possibility of a joint singing group and relaxation exercises to participate in music.

How art therapy works

Art therapy starts with the basic human need to express themselves creatively. Images, feelings, and thoughts take shape in the truest sense of the word through the artistic material and working with paint and brushes. They become tangible, understandable, and subsequently changeable. A way of getting in touch with the environment and establishing a kind of relationship develops. Joint, value-free viewing of images helps the patient to understand himself better, to use self-healing powers, and to find ways for his or her own perspective on life. Art therapy is oriented towards psychotherapy, with a focus on the inner biographical and psychological and aspects of every patient.

Goals of music and art therapy

The aim of both creative design therapies is to expand one’s surroundings and one’s perception of oneself and to find different forms of expression. Your own needs are tracked and emotions find an outlet. By the way, creativity can be encouraged. New skills are discovered and thus self-confidence is strengthened. All in all, there is an increasing feeling of stability and security.

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