How Music Affects Mood

How Music Affects Mood
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A key motive for listening to music is to influence one’s emotions.

We all listen to music. But, did you know that music can be so much more than the vocals and beat?

We all experience music on a personal level where our emotions become involved, allowing the lyrics or tempo of the music to impact us. However, in order for music to be as influential as it can be, it is important to first understand your own emotions and the ways in which music can be effective in the various circumstances in your life.

People express different emotions when they listen to music, for example by smiling, laughing, or crying. Listening to music is quite common in our daily lives, and the way music makes listeners feel is a key factor in determining his or her enjoyment of the music.

1. Positive feeling.

Music mostly makes us feel good. Positive feelings tend to broaden our mindset in ways that are beneficial to health and creative thinking. This explains the potential mental health benefits of music.

2. The startling effect.

Our brainstem reflexes are hardwired for quick and automatic responses to sudden, loud, noise, or dissonant music. And those responses are associated with surprise, laughter, and even fear. For example, you may become startled and surprised by the loud noise during a live concert or a movie. And the sound makes you jump and you will easily remember the startle responses. People who suffer from anxiety disorders are jumpier.

3. Being in sync.

Our internal rhythms, such as our heart rate, speed up or slow down to become one with the music. We float and move with the music. For instance, dancing is moving overtly or covertly in coordination with the music. Being in sync with music is a source of pleasure.

4. Emotional contagion.

We tend to “catch” the emotions of others when perceiving their emotional expressions. And this process assists us in understanding the feelings of others. For example, when you have a casual conversation with someone who is anxious, you tend to walk away from the encounter feeling somewhat anxious yourself. Similarly, when people attend concerts, their emotions are in part influenced by the emotions of other people present.

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