Learning and Making Music by Yourself

Learning and Making Music by Yourself
June 25, 2020 Comments Off on Learning and Making Music by Yourself Music Jill Laney

Listening and making music is a great hobby for many Dutch people. That is not very strange: music makes everyone happy. Can you learn it yourself?

If you listen or make music that makes you happy, your brain literally lights up with happiness. Many people have the big dream of being able to play a musical instrument (and we’re not just talking about children, really). The only “stumbling block” that often holds them back is the price of music lessons. Fortunately, today there are several ways to teach yourself how to make free or at least affordable music.

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Why teach yourself to play music?
There are a number of reasons why you can choose to transform yourself, as a truly self-taught artist, into a true musician. Most people choose this because it is at least a lot cheaper; music lessons can be quite expensive. You save a lot of tuition when you get started. In addition, you do not have to take extra time to go to a lesson school or a private teacher. With a piano, guitar, keyboard, or other instruments at home you can just practice at home. That saves you a lot of time. It can also be a nice advantage if you enroll to NYS defensive driving course online to educate you on how to play music inside your car while driving. You choose the numbers you want to learn and you also choose how quickly you do that. A disadvantage of this can of course is that your tempo is low or that you sometimes have other priorities than learning music. So you really have to want it yourself when you decide to learn to make music at home.

Learn to read notes online
You can also visit various blogs and YouTube channels for free to read notes. For example, a music teacher from Teylingen College in South Holland has set up a channel where you can find a few free lessons in reading notes. The reactions below the video say enough; because although many children and teenagers learn to read notes at school, it always turns out to be a difficult part of starting with music. And that while it is actually not too bad, provided you have the right explanation. That is why it is so useful to search for the best free explanation at the beginning of your musical career. There are some apps available for iOS and Android that will teach you how to read notes in no time. ClefTutor Free, for example, is such a handy app developed by a music teacher. In it, he gives a detailed explanation of the system of musical notation. You learn to understand sheet music through music theory and quizzes so that you can learn something in a fun way. The app is free to download and has paid (premium) parts.

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