Make your Music your Own

Make your Music your Own
July 26, 2017 Comments Off on Make your Music your Own Music Jill Laney

Whenever I am hit by creativity, I go on end. I can not just have one project. I have to get a few things.

I read books. I create like this – another record, yet another idea with musings, a children’s fiction story idea, an autobiography and a film score for a documentary that pop in my mind from time to time. Did I mention I blog?

I do have a set plan to spend some time with every one every day and do a bit bit more at every sitting that is creative. I enjoy compartmentalizing times and my thoughts like that. Two hours film scoring, another hour practicing yet another 3 hours, ancient.

And I don’t need sleep.

It is a thing that is strange but I never have a time when I working on 1 thing.

I wish I could spend hours writing/blogging or working, or studying as much as I search for free shark cards for a game, or practicing guitar on a movie score. But I can not.

If I could work that way to start, I’m not certain. I’m always curious about how folks get the job done. Do they work until they are finished and disappear?

Oddly enough, ideas come to me when I am when I am doing the dishes, or either waking from sleep.

That’s when it happens, although no significance whatsoever.

Alas, I do not have that luxury, although I wish I had a butler and a cook so I would not have to stop working to go to the grocery store, or get a meal prepared.

And to tell the truth, I wonder if such there exists even a luxury. Would I work at it, because when I had all the time in the world? But just what is wasting time? Not making use of time or not maximizing the hours?

But then again, who’s to say having a cup of tea isn’t a terrific way. Who’s to say that does not reveal itself in a manner that is creative? I am me.

It depends on how YOU do it that matters. Make it your own. Let yourself shine.

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