Misconceptions about Music and the Arts:

Misconceptions about Music and the Arts:
February 11, 2021 Comments Off on Misconceptions about Music and the Arts: Music Arts Briana Bernard

There are many musicians in this planet. Countless of people love music and the arts but many believe that not all are musical nor artistic. Is this notion correct? People discover that they are musical and artistic beings. Whether or not they discover this as a hobby or a profession.

Is it true that not all are musical or artistic? Many people learn to love music and the arts starting at home and in school. There may be children who grew up with music in their homes and schools, some don’t. Some may have had this but it did not touch their musical aspect.  This is one factor that affects people for not being musical.

Parents would love for their children to be musical and artistic. They believe that music and the art offer more to a human being. It is very indispensable. People is with music and the arts in many different ways.

As one music educator says, people have different notions of what music is.

Here are different notions that people have of music and the art:

Some people’s notion about music and the art is something that people have and some people don’t. It’s an inborn talent that some have and some don’t. This notion is very wrong. Every people in this planet is a musical and artistic being. We are musical and artistic in many ways, in our body and mind. We are all immersed in music in our body, in our heart and mind. Every single being is a musical and artistic being but it only needs to be brought out. We need experience for us to bring out this potential. This is the essential idea to correct this misconception that some people have it and some people don’t.

What do we need to learn how to read notes and play musical instruments. This is a strange notion. Music is a language. Everybody has the capability to speak music. We don’t need anything to learn music or to learn arts. Our body is genetically designed to receive a musical and artistic education. Our brains are capable for this. The key is we have to learn it the right way. The right way is to learn music and art as we learn how to speak. It needs to be sharpen overtime. We should absorb it in an organic or natural way to bring out that musical and artistic being in us.

When should children learn music and the arts. The answer is, there is no age. It’s never too late to learn music and arts. Anyone can learn it at any age. There is no age limit. However, the most important years in learning music and art is when life starts in the womb. Any potential in the brain that doesn’t meet the right experience maybe lost. But it’s not lost forever because it’s never too late to learn music.

Music only brings out the artistic being in a person. This is a wrong notion. Music brings out our potentials. People learn to be disciplined. Music empowers people. Music also makes people feel that they belong.

Music and the arts has no sexuality. Whatever gender you belong, you are a musical being. Do you question your sexuality? Find out if you are gay or not by answering this easy quiz: https://quizlagoon.com/quiz/am-i-gay-quiz/

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