Music 101: Should You Just Learn Chords and Pop Songs

Music 101: Should You Just Learn Chords and Pop Songs
July 4, 2021 Comments Off on Music 101: Should You Just Learn Chords and Pop Songs Music Arts Jill Laney

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I have had many pupils start piano classes wanting to just find chords and pop tunes, much to the chagrin of the parents, that are expecting for Mozart and minuets. I have actually had people tell me they could take classes, but since they only wish to understand to play tunes on the radio, but they are sure there is no purpose.


There is a bizarre idea on the market that chords are all subservient to classical songs, which pop tunes will not teach you anything when actually, chords are exactly what constitutes classical music! Those pop tunes are employing exactly the exact same chords as Mozart’s concertos, Beethoven’s sonatas. They are hyper-simplified, yes, but chords are a terrific way to get your foot in your doorway.


In reality, if you have got a kiddo who is on the fence about getting classes, or you aren’t positive if it’s ideal for you, ask your instructor to begin using chords! This is why it is a fantastic place to start.


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1. Chords are simple to perform

It’s possible to learn how to play a pop song in 1 half-hour lesson, especially just by reading them from chords resource sites. Even when you’re a new student! Having the ability to understand so fast is extremely gratifying, also retains pupils – particularly teenage students – interested in songs. I’d so much to have your student wish to keep chasing songs because they love this, then have that love develop to want to also find classical songs than to push Mozart on them in the beginning and have them despise it.

And just as a side note: each student I have had who began just wanting to find out chords requested me over six months when they could start studying classical music, also. They requested me. Curiosity led them, not compelling!

2. Chords help you to get familiar with all the note names online piano

It is really very important to be familiar with all the topography of this piano – to understand the names, in which they are, and also how to locate them fast. Among the wonderful disservices, many present approach books would be children “read” audio until they really understand how to browse the piano. It is like teaching a child to begin reading words until they understand every one the sounds that the person letters create. Yes, there is a whole good deal of sightreading words you may teach young children – but you won’t ever have the ability to read anything outside a primer novel if people are you currently understand. You need to understand how to sound out words. This is just what occurs with songs; children find out how to “sightread” a particular hand place, but haven’t any clue how to link the notes that they view on the team to the notes they are playing the piano. Chords are a terrific way to receive your student very comfortable with where all the notes on the piano really are, without being tied to only the “C position” or even “G piano place.”

3. Chords will be the building block of each tune

Here is what I am here: under is how Mozart’s piano sonata in C Major, No. 16 k 545; you are able to hear it now here- it is one of the very famous sonatas, plus it is actually only a string of quite straightforward chords being played in various ways.

If you do not know chords, then these are only individual notes which need to be heard. If you understand chords? Well, that is only a C chord divided. It will become super simple because rather than 4-8 human notes, it is one group you know.

4. Chords can assist with sightreading

It was only when I got very great at playing chords I became very good at sightreading (the capacity to sit down and play a sheet of music without hearing or viewing it initially). Now, I will look at a bit of audio in real-time and also comprehend what chords are all occurring – it creates playing with the piece so much simpler! While that is not a skill that will be obtained until your son or daughter is much farther along in their capacity to play the piano, then it is a building block that may begin early in their music profession.

The most important thing is that if your kid wishes to learn piano, then do not let anybody tell you that chords would be a simple way out. They are a terrific way to pique interest, and can get you playing music right off – maintaining your interest rates and engaging you into a love for songs straight away!


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