Music And Entertainment Kept Our Soldiers Alive

Music And Entertainment Kept Our Soldiers Alive
December 27, 2018 Comments Off on Music And Entertainment Kept Our Soldiers Alive Blogging Jill Laney

A few have stated that entertainment for the troop was crucial to succeed the battle. Even though leisure failed to take part in the particular on-the-front battling of the warfare, it took part considerably in some other non-violent approaches. With songs, humor, and the gorgeous appearance of pin-up girls’ photos, the leisure functioned as a means of a reminder for the soldiers what they are exactly fighting for – freedom, home, and safety.

For many soldiers fighting during the WWII, the thought of home is very important. They think of home and desired about home. The performers brought to the USO (United Service Organization) to entertain knew very well that these soldiers longed for home. The entertainers were a symbol of home to the troops and thus they bring songs, music, dance, theater, and other things that remind soldiers that home is waiting where the comfort is.

Sad Truth About Comfort Women

It’s just sad to recall though that while the other side of the camp entertains themselves through songs, music, and dances, the other side of the camp (the enemy – so to speak) were entertaining themselves through what they once called comfort women. This form of entertainment has left scar and pain to many Koreans. Read more about this at Comfort Women and The Future of South Korean and Japanese Relations

The Japanese government acknowledged this part of history that happened. Even so, all they can do is to apologize and provide monetary help. However, the pain, the scar, and the shame remained with these women that no amount of money can pay. And to remember these agonizing pain, the advocates and supporters (family and friends) helped build a statue of a young woman to represent the pain of these women who were used and abused during the War.

Music To Entertain The Troops

Music, songs about home and hope was focused on delivering huge smiles to the soldier’s faces and happiness in their lives despite being far from home and their family. The power of music kept them alive through the battle. The entertainers brought on laughter by bringing to them jokes, humor in many kinds. Even actresses signed a picture of themselves and send it out to troops just to let them know that they are being supported, that the entire nation supports them, supports their fight to free the oppressed.

Entertainment kept our soldiers alive. Home kept them fighting for the kind of freedom that everyone deserves. Freedom kept them going on. The oppressed touched their hearts to fight more to free them from cruelty. The freedom that we savor today, we owe it to our silent heroes – to our soldiers, who despite of danger, fought for freedom, home, and equality.

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