Music as a Great Way to Bond with Your Hedgehog

Music as a Great Way to Bond with Your Hedgehog
December 16, 2019 Comments Off on Music as a Great Way to Bond with Your Hedgehog Animals,Health,Music Ned Imogen

Dogs and cats are the most popular pet animals for a lot of years now. In most households that has either a dog or a cat, they treat the animal as a member of the family – buying clothes, bed, and allowing them to sleep in your own bed. This is because these animals are very sweet, clingy, so you will really get attached to it easily.

In the present times, there are other animals aside from dogs and cats that that are being brought at home. One type of animal is a hedgehog. To those who are not that familiar with this kind of animal, a hedgehog is slightly similar with hamster but they are darker in color and quite smaller.

Hedgehogs are not that popular until now. Maybe there are people that bringing it home as pet but since few people know about the animal they are they do not include hedgehog or do not even consider having one as a pet.

But those who have a hedgehog as a pet know that having such pet and being able to have a quality time with it is very hard because you really have to make an effort. But if you really want to have a quality time with your hedgehog, music in one simple way. Make sure to check it from time to time in his cage and add some music because a lot of hedgehog owners do not know that such animal recognize music. If you are currently looking for good cage, here’s our recommended products  Aside from putting on some music, below are other ways you can bond with your hedgehog. Always remember that you no matter what way it is, take things slowly:

1. Bonding through physical touch- if you are more of an affectionate type of person, you can develop great bonding through touching but before doing so, make sure that you have clean hands and the touch should be gentle since they are quite fragile.

2. Bonding through talking with your dog –  if you are not that clingy, you can also talk to your hedgehog whenever you feel like it. When you feed it or put water on its bowl, talk to him.

3. Playing music at the background-  This type of animal love music because they find it relaxing and soothing. Music is helpful especially if your hedgehog is new to the environment. Music helps him adjust easily.

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