Pick Your Favorite Genre Or Be Inspired

Pick Your Favorite Genre Or Be Inspired
April 23, 2021 Comments Off on Pick Your Favorite Genre Or Be Inspired Music,Music Arts Briana Bernard

Contemporary music is our most important genre. We also sound classical, jazz, electronic pop music, and world. Genres are closely related to the music of today. And typical Muziekgebouw: concerts with a mix of both contemporary and classical music. Choose your favorite genre or get inspired.


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Contemporary music (also called contemporary music or modern music) is our most important genre. Music has written from the beginning of the 20th century, the start of major innovations in composing practice. Our concerts are as rich, varied, and lively as the music of the past century. From revolutionary experiments to lyrical melodies and from brand new pieces to undisputed masterpieces from the 20th century. Classical Music in the light of history

Even music that today belongs to the absolute canon of classical music was once ‘contemporary‘. The Muziekgebouw wants to bring today’s music into the light of history. Without classical music – roughly before 1900 – no contemporary music. In our programming full of classic pearls, we opt for performances as ever intended as much as possible. Pure, unexpected, and authentic: perfectly tailored to the unique acoustics of our Great Hall. Early Music Exciting performances of ancient music

Early music from the Middle Ages to Bach (1750) can be heard in the Muziekgebouw. Performed with historical awareness, often on authentic instruments from the time the music was written. The acoustics of our Grote Zaal seem made for this genre: the music was composed for rooms that are not too large and for instruments with subtle expressive possibilities. This gives fresh, exciting performances of ancient music, based on how the composer wanted the music to sound. Jazz Music of the moment

Improvisation is an essential part of jazz. Little is certain, it is the music of the moment. Therefore, nothing is more exciting than a jazz soloist who tells his or her own ‘story’ on the spot via his instrument. Precisely because personal style is so important, jazz has always been open to other music genres. After more than a century of innovation, a lot of music comes together in jazz. From classical, bossa nova, and soul to rock, pop, and dance. Also in the Muziekgebouw, often in collaboration with the Bimhuis. Electronic | Pop One of the most vibrant styles of music

With the advent of pop music around the 1950s, more and more use was made of electronic instruments. From guitars, synthesizers, and amplifiers to laptops with the latest software. Composer Edgard Varèse (1883-1965) dreamed of it. At the moment it is one of the liveliest music styles. Electronic / pop can be heard regularly in the Muziekgebouw. Always performed live by the makers themselves. For example, The Rest is Noise evenings. Leading and unexpected. World Music from all corners of the world

Traditional music from other parts of the world as well as music from non-Anglo-Saxon countries was influenced by this time. That is the music that Muziekgebouw wants to show in the World series. To provide a stage where music from all corners of the world can be heard. And also to be a place where the corresponding audience can meet, inspire and enrich each other. Theater A different musical experience.

The theatrical concerts performed by Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ revolve around a mix of music, theater, and images. By combining image and dance with music, a different imagination and musical experience are created. Where, from tradition, there are surprisingly often still many iron curtains hanging between music, dance, and sculpture, we want to remove that division. Composers of today don’t care much about it either. Neither is the audience: for a special theatrical experience. Film experience as ever intended.

The history of film music begins with silent film. There it was customary to make music on the spot during film screenings. Nowadays a rarity, and also a completely different movie experience. Now the cinema is all about images, spoken word,s and previously recorded music. In the Muziekgebouw we show old silent films in all genres, as well as live music. Sometimes with the original music, sometimes with a newly composed soundtrack. But always with the thrill of a movie experience with live music, as was once intended. Youth Music in all genres, for all ages.

Being able to enjoy music from a young age, the Muziekgebouw and Bimhuis find that important. In all genres in which we program music for adults, we therefore also organize concerts for children – from 2 years – and young people. From classical, jazz, and pop to world music and new music. For example in our series Children’s Afternoons and Open your Ears! For a unique experience in one of the most beautiful concert halls in the Netherlands. Click here for all activities.

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