The Art of Making Music

The Art of Making Music
July 11, 2019 Comments Off on The Art of Making Music Blogging Felix Iris

There’s this extraordinary and magical experience when creating music. The truth is, there are societies across the globe believing that musicians and artists in the industry are gifts from above.

Indeed, being able to play music is a pure talent or gift.

Some are even signing up to online classes and have the lessons be sent to their email account to study it.

Take for example the classical music that Mozart has made. It has stood out for almost a quarter of a century. And to think, he’s just a child when he wrote pieces for his craft. Such a tender age to be an artist and legend in his chosen craft. Meanwhile, there’s a remarkable feat to play music that’s exhibited by talented individuals is a combination of different elements and these are:


Your eyes are so precious as it’s used to read music sheets. Perception of key signature, articulation, tempo and time signature and the likes will all depend on this aspect. Having said that, it is important to train your eyes and be a master of your craft.


The ability to reproduce what you’ve seen or learned, the ability to recall and know the tones of intervals, chords, scale, progression and so forth depends largely on this aspect. Of course, the more you read, the more information you retain and understand. At the same time, this trains your brain to be sharper.

Feet & Hands

As for this aspect, it is bridging the gap between the mind and ear of a musician. This takes hand movements and feet and then, translating the thoughts into sound. However, it would take practice for one to translate their musical thoughts to reality.


Since you are playing music, this serves as the central element of everything. You can literally play music even if you’re blind. Using Braille can help you to practice as well in reading music sheets. However, things are different if you want to practice and you don’t have a music sheet. In case of deafness, let’s face it, it is just illogical to have a deaf musician.

What’s possible however is to grow deaf gradually and still keep on with your career like what L.V Beethoven has done. But doing it the other way around, you may just fail miserably. And that’s the hard truth.

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