The Ghost that Lurks the Grand Theater of Ontario, London

The Ghost that Lurks the Grand Theater of Ontario, London
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Accounts of ghosts in the classics attire, one that you can no longer buy with promo code are reported in various places throughout the world. One account is the apparitions of Ambrose Small in the Grand Theatre of Ontario, London.

Do you believe in the ghost of Ambrose Small who haunted the Grand Theater in Ontario, London?

Many musicians and theater performers have had experience with the ghost of Ambrose Small after or even during their performance at the theater. The Grand Theater in Ontario opened in 1901. The original owner of the Theater, Ambrose Rose, was reportedly missing in 1919. From that moment on there were many reports of his apparitions to many actors and actresses, including staff and employees of the theater.

When Ambrose Small sold his stake in the grand theater, he cashed the check, he has a $100,000 in his pocket and he was never been seen since except for his ghost form that roams the halls of the grand theatre. Ambrose Small was often seen in his favorite box, at the right balcony facing the audience. Sightings of Ambrose Small began the night he disappeared. Reportedly the security guard saw him in the grand theater, something that may have been impossible because he was already reported missing in that afternoon. The sightings of his ghostly appearance became frequent over time.

Ambrose Small Ghostly Sightings

Actress Beatriz Lily. In May,1927, at the end of actress Beatriz Lily’s performance, she thought she recognized Ambrose Small. He was standing at the edge of a hallway beckoning her to follow him. But as she did, the man disappeared.

Charmaine King. In July 1956, it was reported that Charmaine King saw an apparition of a man with a thick mustache standing at the foot of a stairway. The apparition was brief but long enough for Ms. King to describe what she saw. When given a photograph of Ambrose Small, she was positive that it was the man that she saw.

The performers of the Gore Vidal Classic “Visit to a Small Planet”, 1960. During the performance of the Gore Vidal classic in 1960, the actors were dumbfounded to seat in the fourth row lower all by itself, as if an invisible member of the audience was sitting down. Then, a few minutes after it happened, the seat went back up to its original position.

Regardless of these ghostly sightings, performances continued on stage – the show must go on.

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