Video Game Artists and Their Roles in Game Development

Video Game Artists and Their Roles in Game Development
December 28, 2019 Comments Off on Video Game Artists and Their Roles in Game Development Blogging Lindy Tahnee

In having a passion for video games, many of those who are artistically inclined also develop interests in video game arts as a profession. Some of the most basic line of work include being a Concept Artist, a Character Artist and an Environment Artist among other fields of video game creation .

Video game arts though is unlike creating art pieces for visual display or exhibits. Training for this profession includes knowing the different software programs that enable artists to create texture and dimension. In addition, knowledge of game engines is also significant, since video game development requires close coordination among the talents involved in the creation of a game.

The Role of a Concept Artist

The development of a video game art starts with the Concept Artist. As the job title denotes, a Concept Artist creates visual representations of an idea before it becomes the final product of a video game, a movie, a comic book or animation. In creating visual representations. A Concept Artist draws sketches of the characters, environment, equipment, weapons and all other details that will make the game as realistic as possible.

That being the case, Concept Artists perform research as foundation for their illustrations and as references in the development of a video game.

Understanding the Role of Character and Environment Artists

Character or Environment Artists translate the work of Concept Artists into 2D or 3D computer models. Today’s gamers aim to reach player ranks by building character skills that can drive transformation and unlock new realms or game environment. Based on the Concept Artist’s illustrations, the 2D or 3D models created by Character or Environment Artists will attain clear definition of characterizations, skills, weapons and equipment.

Although Character or Environment Artists create models to which they can add enhancements, working requires close collaboration with other artists involved in the entire development pipeline to ensure there is consistency in style even as gamers play ranked games.

Video game arts therefore contribute to the immersive quality of the game in ways that encourage players to attain higher rank. In Rainbow Six Siege, most gamers are driven to playing ranked games as means to achieve r6 rank boost

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