Walk-up Songs – How Did It Start?

Walk-up Songs – How Did It Start?
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Baseball and softball are sports that are very much favored and loved by people regardless of age. It isn’t only America’s favorite pastime, but is also now one of the favorite sports and pastime of many countries across the globe.

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Many baseball and softball players are known for their skills and gameplay. But apart from these, many players are also identified and recognized for their walk-up songs.

What Is A Walk-up Song?

A walk-up song is played when a player or a reliever walks-up towards the plate or when a pitcher walks up towards the pitcher’s mound. Walk up songs make it easier for the audience to identify or recognize players. Oftentimes, the walk-up songs that baseball or softball players choose tell so much about them.

How Did Walk-up Songs Began?

Walk-up songs began with Nancy Faust in 1970. Nancy Faust was a long-time organist who played for the Chicago White Sox. She started the walk-up song tradition by playing the home state song of every player as they walked up towards the plate.

When Harry Caray, future National Radio Hall of Famer, was hired as the Chicago White Sox’s announcer, Nancy Faust established a rapport with the announcer through a song she played on the organ. Before, the organ was positioned at the center field bleachers. Faust said that she recalled Caray saying that the game was so slow and that they have to carry him back home. As soon as he said those words, Faust played the song “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny.”

As time passed, the songs that Faust played on her organ also evolved. For instance, if Faust knew that a rookie was walking up, she played the song “Who Are You” by The Who’s, or if Faust knew that a player was seeing Madonna, she played her song “Like A Virgin.” Today, a player’s walk-up song truly identifies and connects to them. Hence, many players are careful about their choice of songs as this will surely stick to their fans and the people.

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