Why do you need a website for your record bar business?

Why do you need a website for your record bar business?
October 10, 2017 Comments Off on Why do you need a website for your record bar business? Blogging Jill Laney

At first glance, websites seem not to be doing enough for your business. Not to mention additional costs on gmod server hosting to keep the website going. But do you know that there are many services that offer businesses cheap and even free website installation?

There are so many businesses these days but you will be surprised to know that not all of them have a website. Do you know that majority of consumers these days use online to search what they are looking for? Studies show that 97% of consumers spend time searching online before they actually go out and purchase. These consumers still go online even after they have made a purchase.

Therefore, if you are a music or recording bar business, you know that in order to sell the music, you will need a better album and a good web design. 

So if your recording business is not online yet, you are missing out on the 97% of the customers and just getting 3% into your store. Many businesses cannot be found online. In fact, statistics show that there are 63% of businesses in the United States that do not have a web presence. If you are one of the 63%, then it is time to make a move now.

So why do you need a website for your business?

As said earlier in this article, 97% of consumers are using the web to find what they are looking for. Your website is essential so that your consumers will know your products and services, your store location, your hours of operation, your contact information, and other information they need to get to know your business better.

This is your opportunity as a recording artist, or a record bar owner to show your customers what you have to offer, your price, and even promotions and discounts that you have ongoing. Isn’t it great! Your business is open 24/7 online without really the added staff and marketing effort. All it needs is a website that features what your business has to offer.

What are the things you want to think about before creating a website?

  • How much are you willing to spend for a restaurant website?
  • How comfortable are you with your computer skills?
  • Are you willing to learn new things in order to set up your website?
  • How often do you want to update your website?


There are many paid and free website services for getting your business online quickly. They can give you a library of designs to choose from. There are also tools available for you to update your website. You can also take advantage of additional services so that you can create an e-commerce store on your website. If you think you don’t have the technical skills to create the website, you can hire a web designer to get things started for you. Let them know what you have in mind and they will create it from scratch.

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