Netherlands: Where Art is Everywhere

Netherlands: Where Art is Everywhere
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Breda is located in the western part of the northern part of Brabant and has a population of 170,000. This is a very comfortable and social city. The historic city center has many interesting architectural and cultural attractions. In 2009, the city center became the best.

Breda is comprised of medieval buildings that can be maintained to this day. For those who can be major history enthusiasts, this would be an ideal destination. From the magnificent castle of Breda to other major architectural monuments of the town, the beautiful medieval city has many interesting and interesting activities. The main square of the city is also called Grote Markt. From there you can find the gorgeous Gothic Church of Our Lady. The 18th century town hall is completely in the center of the city.

The long history of Breda is very interesting. The fortified city is a strategic military and politically important city, the name itself, derived from the name Aa, referring to the intersection of the mark itself and the river. Breda identified a great history of direct contact with the Holy Roman Emperor.

The City as Canvas

Colorful Street Art in Breda

The street art scene of Breda is very important. Most of the city’s murals are produced by the Blindwall Gallery project. This innovative business began in 2014 with support from local and private sponsors. The project intends to invite music artists to draw walls to enhance the city’s image and encourage taxi drivers together with their passengers.

Take a taxi from Breda? Snel een taxi in Breda bestellen?  And go to Breda Street.

Up to now, they have brought famous street painters to color the fantastic murals of Breda. Although the project also involves illustrators, graphic designers and typography. Until now, they have successfully painted Breda’s cool decals on many famous street artists. However, this layout is also related to printer, illustrator and graphic designerss.


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