Category: Musicians

Category: Musicians

Social Media Bands Hold the Future of Music
September 26, 2022 Musicians Jill Laney

  (Not so) Bold Prediction: The future of music belongs to the bands that also know how to convince on social media. And yes, social media are actually already part of the standard repertoire, as they are the most important means of communication for artists off stage. Those who have mastered social media well can […]

Why Spotify’s Promotional Strategy is Set for Success
August 8, 2022 Entertainment,Music,Music Marketing,Musicians,Technology Floyd Lyla

  Spotify is a music streaming service that operates in many countries. It has over a hundred million active users and millions of paying subscribers. Spotify’s success can be attributed to its promotional strategy, which includes traditional and new marketing tactics. The company has been promoting their service through radio spots, TV commercials, billboards, print […]

Performing Arts Medicine : Addressing Ailments Common to Musicians and Performing Artists
November 29, 2020 Health,Musicians Lindy Tahnee

In 1985, increasing medical concerns among performing artists led to the establishment of a medical specialization called Performing Arts Medicine (PAM). Introduced as a branch of occupational medicine, PAM practitioners formally address not only the medical issues confronting performers playing musical instruments, dancers and singers. It encompasses the overall management of health and prevention of […]