3 Ridiculous Song Writing Tips for Better Songs

3 Ridiculous Song Writing Tips for Better Songs
April 27, 2019 Comments Off on 3 Ridiculous Song Writing Tips for Better Songs Music Aspen Cynthia

If you are to ask someone what makes an effective songwriter, they’ll probably tell you tips that either will work or won’t work. You have to remember that not everything works for every thing.


Basically, writing songs is a personal process. That means everything will become efficient at something you personally find convenient and comforting.


Not only that, but you also have to bear in mind that becoming a songwriter is more likely becoming an artist too, you don’t just write songs but you have to love them. You don’t just compose songs but you also have and get to sing them.


It takes really a lot of effort to become an artist. Today, let’s hear a few ridiculous songwriting tips that are deemed to be effective.


What it Takes to Become a Good Songwriter


Basically, a lot of people said that it takes aspiration, admiration, and inspiration to write songs effectively. Just like sitting in a random restaurant and you let your mind wander elsewhere and then ‘poof’ there’s the song you have been missing.


Well, that happens for some and it might not also work for some. And when the lyrics and words start getting in don’t forget to always check them online at markdown online editor. Meanwhile, here are a few ridiculous tips you will find it exquisite but really effective.


  1. Look or Stare at Something


This does not have to come so creepy— you may stare at an open window, a thing you find adorable or just something to stare with for a long time. Basically, this is a new sorta way of focus, when you focus on a thing eventually the thing you’re staring with only becomes a device to sway your mind adrift, then and there the lyrics and words then come to life.

  1. Don’t Talk Just Listen


Do this all day, less talking and more listening. Either you are on a bus on the way home or just at home. You can definitely listen to the sounds of the birds chirping, or the vehicles roaring, or listen to the people talking. It eventually helps you process more words.


  1. Limit your Time


Time is a hard scale to balance. Have too much and you end up second-guessing everything. While having too little and you get nothing done. Basically, setting slim boundaries will help you focus on what matters, write more songs, and streamline your entire process. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.


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