How Music Benefits Socialization

How Music Benefits Socialization
December 20, 2020 Comments Off on How Music Benefits Socialization Music Arts,Music Benefits,Technology Ned Imogen

Even though music can easily be played and listened to alone, it is also an effective social magnet. After all, a music concert is one of the rare times when we will get together with several other people to participate in a shared activity. There is this thing about listening to music, or listening and dancing with other people, that provides its own buzz, making you feel attached to the people around you.

Below are some of the common ways scientists think that music improves social bonds.

  1. Music improves contact, organization, and teamwork with others

For much of human history, the only way to enjoy music was through a live performance while eating at your favorite steak restaurant using best steak knife set—there were no sound recording permitting us to share music even without a live band performance. Since music had to include contact with other people (for instance, enjoying the concert together)

  1. Music provides us an instant boostof happy or positive hormones

Oxytocin is a neuropeptide connected with breast-feeding and sexual connections, and is believed to play an essential role in improving socialization and trust between people.

  1. Music enhances our ”theory of mind” and sympathy

Music has been shown to actuate several parts of the brain, even the circuit that aids us to comprehend what others are thinking and experiencing, and to foretell how they might act—a social skill expert call “theory of mind,” which is associated to sympathy.

  1. Music enhances cultural coherence

Think of a popular lullaby or children’s song you have been hearing for a several years, or of audience listening to the national anthem at a sports game. Listening to music is one way of socializing and belonging, which may improve your sense of security and responsibility toward a particular group.

In the present, music has the chance to allow us to feel attached to all of society and humanity. The more we listen to music to for the sake of connection—literally and figuratively—the more potential for increased empathy, social connection, and cooperation. I, for one, feel more chance to my human ancestors just being aware that someone took the time to carve that flute, maybe we all do.

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