Matching The Right Music With The Right Event

Matching The Right Music With The Right Event
January 18, 2019 Comments Off on Matching The Right Music With The Right Event Music Jill Laney

Planning an event could be something that people would do as a hobby or as a profession. Either way, the challenge would still be the same, so long as you are well knowledgeable of what you do, then you will always get a good result.  

There are certain things that need to be settled before you can say that it is successful such as choosing venues, deciding the decorations, catering service, equipment, and suppliers. You need to come up with a timetable so you could organize your time well and be sure that there will be no delays in your preparation. Look for Envy Party Venue Orange County as early as possible to avoid issues in the future. 

One factor that needs to be arranged when organizing an event is music. As a planner, it is essential that you know what kind of music is appropriate for each event you are to organize. Here are some ideas that you can check on to help you choose.

Matching Music With The Appropriate Event

Corporate Events – it is expected that known companies, whether it is big or small will hold an event for their employees or clients due to various reasons. It could be a meeting, seminar, conference, business dinner or trade shows. Now, since the guests would be the sophisticated type, then using music can enhance the atmosphere and ease the stress on people’s mind. For example, it can boost people to chat with others or help smoothen the environment. A good choice for this event is a piece of instrumental music since it makes a peaceful sound that people can hardly notice and will make them listen well to the conversation.

Party Events – most people enjoy attending party events, which is why it is important that when you choose music it has to be something that can boost energy and would make them groove at the same time feel alive. Most of the time, people ages from 16-30 enjoy this kind of occasions. Thus, modern hip hop songs, love songs, songs from the era, Caribbean, country and western is the right choice for you.

Award Events – we are referring to students’ or workers’ recognition day or on film festivals in which famous people and films are being awarded based on their performances. In this type of situation, music is not just simply use to entertain people but also serves as a queue to let people know if it is time for them to go up the stage to take their award or to wrap up their speech. The choice of music depends on the type of award that is being given.

Sports Event – As we all know there are a lot of people who are into sports which is why various sports events are being held such as the Olympics. Playing music during the event helps boost the excitement. Also, it has been a tradition around the world that in every sports event, the national anthem is also sung or played before it begins.


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