The Right Music For Pets

The Right Music For Pets
December 19, 2021 Comments Off on The Right Music For Pets Animals,Health Jill Laney

Music is a universal language. While humans enjoy music as a way to relax and to boost mental health, certain music also has the same effect on our pets like cats and dogs. It had been said that classical music helps dogs relax and it could have the same effect on cats too. Let’s look further into the type of music that our dogs and cats will possibly appreciate.

Pet Health and Music

Pets are part of the family. You don’t get a pet and ignore the responsibilities. That’s why it is important that before you adopt a pet, you should be ready for the responsibilities that come with it. Pet owners should be able to provide proper shelter and nutrition for their pets. When it comes to nutrition, this could be easily resolved, thanks to companies and brands like Royal Canin who provide only the best nutrition in their brands based on their studies.

But what about your pet’s mental health? Pets, like people, experience stress too. They experience stress in many situations like a move or transfer, when left alone, when left unfed, or when they have less playtime. While we can easily see symptoms of stress among pets, there are easy ways to help reduce stress among pets like the use of music.

  • What music calms dogs down? Dogs can relax best with soft, relatively slow music. According to a Scottish study, they especially like the music styles reggae and soft rock. But classical music and even background noise can also calm dogs down.
  • What music do cats relax to? Cats prefer higher-pitched sounds and soft purring sounds. “Human Music” is often too loud for them. Classical instruments such as violin, harp, or piano appeal to them more than pop music. However, this is highly dependent on the character of the animal.
  • Is there music for cats? Yes, there is now music, especially for cats. This is based on scientific findings but sounds quite unusual to human ears.
  • Can I leave my pet alone with music? Yes – if they are already used to music. This should be quiet and rather even. Dogs may be alarmed by sudden sounds, for example loud, high-pitched voices from the radio, and are therefore unnecessarily stressed.
  • What music do budgies like? Budgies also have good hearing. Since they like constant chirping, silence during the day is rather menacing for them. Soft, melodious music can make birds happy or calm them down. However, deep bass and music that is too loud are frightening.
  • Can fish hear music? Yes, aquarium fish can hear the music too. However, this should not be too loud and too bass-heavy. When setting up the aquarium, make sure there is enough distance to the sound system. The water dwellers are also satisfied with gentle sounds.


The bottom line is that music is beneficial in a lot of ways. Not just for people but for animals too. While we don’t realize it, they too share the same passion for music. Although not all music is right for our pets, the only way to know is to observe if the type of music being played is appreciated.

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