Who Is Michael Jackson In The Music Industry?

Who Is Michael Jackson In The Music Industry?
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Over 300 million records sold make him the King of Pop. There are countless rumors and legends about the world-famous pop star, but we have the facts.

Who is Michael Jackson?

His father recognized his musical talent – and heard the cash register ring. He forms a boy group from his children. With the “Jackson 5” Michael Jackson quickly becomes a big star in the music business. At 11, he had his first number 1 hit in his pocket – at 13, his first solo album. “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” make Michael Jackson’s distinctive voice, his dance style and his spectacular stage shows internationally known. His 1982 album “Thriller” is the best-selling world. The successor records “Bad” and “Dangerous” from 1987 and 1992 are also huge successes.

Michael Jackson is a musical figure of light and travels a lot around the world. Despite the incredible fame, Jacko remains a small child in spirit as his number (6) indicates. On long journeys, he chews chewing gum in abundance and constantly blisters with it. He pulls the zipper of his jacket open and closed to the sound of the popping chewing gum – so he creates a beat. Great fun for him, nerve-wracking for his team.

Facial surgery for self-confidence

Only when he sings and dances is his insecurity blown away. His appearance is very important to Michael Jackson in later years. He burns his head during a commercial shoot. Because of his dark skin color, spots appear that he tries to treat with a whitening cream. His skin is getting lighter and lighter – also because of a serious illness, as he emphasizes again and again. He can change other parts of the body through surgery. He gets an artificial six-pack on his stomach and a chin fold. He believes that this makes him look more masculine. But the most visible change is going through his nose. In the course of his life it gets smaller. The exceptional artist is said to undergo around 100 surgical interventions.

Depression drives Michael Jackson to his death

His social fears and depressions are rampant, the pop star is increasingly escaping into his fantasy world: the Neverland Ranch. He is charged with child abuse and shown publicly. Contradictory statements lead to an acquittal, but rumors persist to this day that he is said to have paid millions in hush money. His life breaks. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol. But to this day the King of Pop is unforgettable with his music.

Conclusion: Michael Jackson’s life consisted of light and shadow. On the one hand, he was considered a musical genius who was a role model for several generations. On the other hand, he also became a tragic figure during his career. The youth was characterized by the strict upbringing of the parents and the bullying by his fellow human beings. The resulting uncertainty ended in numerous cosmetic operations and ultimately in the death of the superstar.

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