Lottery Winner Closed His Music Store

Lottery Winner Closed His Music Store
January 2, 2019 Comments Off on Lottery Winner Closed His Music Store Music Jill Laney

Lotto winner shuts down music store after a lot of people request handouts Britain’s second largest winning lotto results is thought to have closed down his music store after becoming fed up with people asking him to get hand-outs.

He went to work behind the counter only two months after his huge win. But friends said he chose to close the store as a result of abuse he had been getting from those who travelled demanding cash.

He held a closing down sale before Christmas, charging only a few for clients to pick any second hand music CDs or movie DVDs. His store eventually closed for good in the end of last month and has been stripped of its own shelving and contents.

The owner of a local company explained he was getting a great deal of grief from those walking and seeking to find money him off. He simply doesn’t need that type of abuse.

The store which father-of-two worked with business partner additionally utilized to market guitars and other musical instruments. A sign on the pub says  he now expects to begin a new organization, repairing and selling tools.

He started selling second hand CDs on a market stall about 17-years-ago before launching his store. On the night that he won the jackpot and his wife celebrated by ordering pizza for the household. They also reserved an easy jet flight to go to her family rather than an exotic vacation in the days following their triumph.

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