Tips That Will Adjust At Stage

Tips That Will Adjust At Stage
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Do you recognize that? You participate in a festival or you are booked for nice performance and at the supreme moment, you see that the stage is way too small or (not nice) way too big! Read my tips here to never be surprised by an inappropriate stage again.

Know your size

Have you ever taken the trouble to measure how big the choir actually is and how much space you ideally need to be able to perform everything well? It sounds very obvious that you know this, but what about your choir?

Know your strength

It is also very nice to know on what kind of stage your choir actually comes into its own. A large pop choir that does a lot of synchronization comes out better on a higher stage with a nice backdrop. A smaller group will drown on such a stage. Know where the power of your choir lies!

Be prepared

Well, it’s pretty obvious, but ask beforehand what the stage looks like. Often the person who books you has no idea what you need to put on a good performance. If you have seen the stage in advance, you can immediately make adjustments in your preparation for the performance. Is this stage too big? too small? or just right?

Adapt; leave the elephants at home

If you have checked in advance what the stage looks like, then you know, for example, that the stage consists of wooden plates and if you have a lot of control, then it is better not to wear heels. It’s a shame if the audience doesn’t hear your singing, but hears a horde of elephants pass by.

Have a plan B if the stage is too small

It is always useful to have a Plan B with your choir for when the stage is really too small. Removing all directing immediately is a. a shame! b. too bad you can’t give that extra and c. not necessarily needed if you’ve also rehearsed a stripped-down version. So with the songs where the direction really adds something, look at how you can offer that direction in a different way. For example, you can let only the front row do the directing. The other choir members fill the stage in a choir arrangement and offer a calm counter-image. This way the directing in the song gets all the attention!. If you know it’s going to be crowded, see if you can adjust your clothes. Do you sing with exuberant scarves and boas, let only the front ones wear them here, or designate an x ​​number of choir members (speckled by the choir) who do wear their colorful attribute. The image immediately becomes calmer and it is less noticeable that you are standing like herring in a barrel.

Have a plan B if the stage is too big

It happens more often when you have a festival outside on the street: either you are on a stage and your audience is standing meters away from you behind crush barriers, or you are on a much too large stage with your club. Discuss in advance what you will do if this happens. If you often perform on (too) large stages, consider investing in 2 (or 4) banners. By placing your banners you can define your own stage and perform within it. You immediately kill 2 birds with 1 stone you create intimacy on a larger stage and your audience knows who is performing. If you have more time, you can ‘dress up on the stage. If there is a lot of space between you and the audience, decide to go to your audience. It’s much harder for your audience to come to you. So get off that stage and perform in front of the crash barrier. You can also choose to play all the way on the edge on a large stage. Maybe you can choose not to use directing and really make contact with your audience!

Always shout ‘we can do this!’

And finally, the most important tip! Teach your choir members to deal flexibly with all circumstances. Does it rain? Then you sing with a guitar, if the stage is too big/too small, then you adapt. If you as a choir are able to perform under all circumstances, every performance remains a party, because as soon as you have to perform outside your comfort zone, the most beautiful things often happen.

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