Music Planning for your Restaurant

Music Planning for your Restaurant
October 4, 2017 Comments Off on Music Planning for your Restaurant Music Benefits Jill Laney

Many restaurant owners are using music to increase sales. Music enhances the mood, brings customers to smile, relax, and eat while enjoying a soft or upbeat music. But if you are a restaurant owner, what type of music should be playing for your guests?

While dining at a Chinese restaurant Launceston, a soft background music was playing. Amidst the chitter and chatter of various guests from different tables, you could hear that gentle soft music that doesn’t seem to go between people’s laughter and small chatter.

The music is kind of traditional Chinese music that goes well with the theme of the restaurant, the ambiance, and the kind of people dining in the place. It’s a perfect match. There is that certain kind of power in instrumental music that brings the customers in.

Sound Planning: Cafe Restaurant Background Music

Why restaurants play music in the background?

There are many probable reasons that restaurants play certain music in their restaurants but the most obvious reason is to make the perfect ambiance for those dining in. The music makes a huge influence on the food served too. So it just makes sense that authentic Chinese and Japanese restaurants play traditional soft music as they serve authentic and traditional dishes.

What music should a restaurant be playing?

  • Music should go with the theme of the restaurant. Playing a soft music in a restaurant that serves steaks and barbecue may not be appropriate, but an upbeat western cowboy type song is more appropriate to the theme.
  • Choice of music depends on the restaurant’s type of crowd. With this observation, you will also notice that fine dining plays soft music too. While fast food restaurants play a more upbeat tune. So the music of choice also depends on the type of customers you expect to dine in the restaurant.
  • Live music goes well with people looking for fun. For resto pubs, it’s a different story. This calls for a pop song and more often than not, there will be a live band playing. This types of resto are the favorite hang out of red necks, not really for the food but for the ambiance and music. And if there’s beer, that could be a reason too.


Bottom line:

There are three factors that make music a contributor to the success of any restaurant business: it creates a better ambiance, enhances the food, and makes customers come back for more. Any more thoughts, let us know. Happy dining.


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